WP-Table Reloaded – How to Add Tables to WordPress Content

Video Transcript Rick: Okay. So letís take on that 2nd question which is, ìWhatís the best way to add tables or whatís the plugin that would be good in adding tables to your WordPress website?î So I have a table plugin that Iíve used a few times on client sites. I donít actually use them myself because I donít use tables very often. But I have a couple of clients who have needed tables, Iíve used this with them quite successfully, itís fairly straightforward. And Iím gonna install that on this categories website here so youíll see its operation.

So Iím gonna come down here to plugins and add new and weíre gonna search and I believe this is WP tables reloaded. Yeah, WP table reloaded. So if we go ahead and install that, activate the plugin. The way this thing works then is that I now have under tools, I have WP table reloaded. If you select that, we can go ahead and press add a new tableÖdidnít occur to me that this might not work on WordPress so bear with me if it doesnít but weíll go ahead and hit add a table. And now you can just add stuff right? Type ìThis is a table example.î And then, ìThis is another example table.î And then letís seeÖ letís just add one more row.

ìI need something else to say.î Okay, and so there are our 3 rows in this table and weíll go ahead and add a couple of things. We are going to start columnÖyou can see thereís a bunch of controls you can add. Iím just going to very briefly, just update the changes and then the way you do thisÖ the way you insert this table is by using this short code. Essentially how you do it is justÖ in this case, itís tableid=1, thereís our table id right here. Take that and come over to a post or a page and we edit and weíre just going to come right down here and post that there. Hit update. We can go ahead and take a look at this post and now you can see hereís a table. The first one we entered was the heading and then you have the 2 other rows below that. You couldíve added a footer if you want. And you can see that these things can be sorted. Each of the table can be sorted with this little tab. And while we donít have time to talk about how to style this, the styling of it is really quite straightforward.

So this is I think a fairly useful plugin for tables. Do you have a follow up question on that, Brian? Brian: What Iím interested in now is what happens if the client wants to add a new line? Rick: Well when the client wants to add a new line, they just come back over here to this table, so itís WP Table Reloaded under tools and they can edit the table and they canÖedit the table and add text “There is a new line.î They update the changes, come back over here and refresh thisÖ there is a new line. Brian: Okay, Rick. Sorry, so does the client, not being site builder, see exactly the same page as when I am creating this. Rick: Yes, yes they do. So they will see this page here. You do have to tell them how to do this obviously.

In fact, I think for one client, I made a quick little video on how to do this. Now that I say that, I should take a look and see if Iíve brought that some place, but this is obviously, this is quite a bit easier than creating a table in Content. Now if you wanted to adda here in that post againÖ if you wanna add a table here, itís a whole lot easier to use that plugin than say, creating a table from scratch inside of your content area. But nevertheless, itís a skill set that a client would have to acquire.

Brian: Yes. Fine so the client when they log in to the dashboard they see the dashboard same as I see it. Rick: Right. Brian: Okay. Thank you very much. Rick: No, thank you and IímÖ .

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