SURFRIDING – Surfing WordPress Theme

“Your wave is waiting for you.” I have a WordPress theme for you all wave riders. Life will be better with this SURFRIDING – A Surfing WordPress Theme. Create a professional surfing website to organize surf league, annual tours, competition. Boost your business and promote your surf club.

People related to extreme sports, surfers, athletics, surf school and camps can also use this theme to be at their best. A SURFRIDING theme is user-friendly and can be easily operated by any device. Surfing is most popular extreme sport among people so let them explore your site. Let’s ride on this theme. A virtual tour. The cool feature of the theme slider is that it gives a slideshow effect to your images.

You can display top surfing beaches, players and leader, can set up to seven images in this front view slider section. Business tagline. Make it one which appeals to visitors and make them your customer. Wake-boarding, body-boarding, skim-boarding.Exhibit your best services in this 3 column feature section to gain more user attention. Inbuilt lead capture form, this is! An integrated lead capture form to collect your customer lead. After you grab customer lead you can notify theme with SMS and email about your men’s and women’s tournament schedule and new challenges.

You can also notify them about your club membership plan, date of event registration and competitor services. Share tips and customer experience. The theme has a well-structured blog section where you can share surfing safety tips. Your visitor can easily collect the information what they need. You can also share riding tips for both beginners and intermediates to teach surfing fundamentals. A space has been provided to have a two way communication. One of your business strategy. Create a professional surfing website with this theme.

Marine life, wave formation, seabed! Display every event in this video section area. We give you footer full of widgets, social icons and copyright text. We have it because you want it. InkThemes at your service again. 🙂 In this area you can add/remove things at any stroke of clock. You can add contact info, recent posts, your club’s portfolio, etc. This is customize theme and you can add custom menus right on top, which are clearly visible and give your website an elegant touch.

You can create your surf club gallery, which allows your users to explore pictures of recent event, challenges, trainers, top surfers and surfing location. There is also a tweet option with every relevant images. Your business logo is your trademark that’s why always on top. So people, how was the ride? Life is simple when destination is You can also checkout this theme by using the links given below. Thank’s a lot. .

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