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We’re on the Taxonomies settings of the Search Appearance settings of Yoast SEO. Taxonomies are ways that we structure content within WordPress. The two most important taxonomies are called “categories”, which you can use to group content and tags which you can use to indicate that content discusses a certain topic. Taxonomies are usually best left to ‘yes’, because allowing search engines to show them in the search results can lead to more visitors.

It also means that people can actually land on your categories and tags pages, so you should look a bit at those pages and determine what they look like and whether those are good landing pages for people. The funny thing is if you look at these settings for each taxonomy you’ll see that they’re very, very similar to the settings that we have for content types. We have the same snippet variables, although we use slightly different ones to determine the title template and the meta description template. And you can also determine whether or not you want them to show in the search results.

There are a couple of specific ones. For post format, which is a WordPress internal thing, we suggest keeping it to disabled’ and disabling post format archives entirely. Lastly there’s one specific thing here, that allows you to omit the category from category URLs. So if you have a site you would usually have If you click ‘remove’ here, you get as the category URL. This makes sense in some specific s ite configurations, but for most people, it’s better to set it to ‘keep’. If you ever decide to put it to ‘remove’, don’t change it back, because you’ll create 404s on your website, you’ll create errors. So it’s best to not touch it ever. That’s it! .

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