How To Make A WordPress Website Within One Hour 2019

How To Make A WordPress Website Within One Hour Hi guys, my name is Ferdy and in this video I will show you how you can make a WordPress website within one hour. I have a lot of three hour videos where I teach people how to build a website step by step but since the latest developments within WordPress and page builders, it has become quite easy to build your own website really fast so if you want to make your own website but you don’t want to spend much money on the web developer and don’t want to spend hours and hours and hours watching 3-hour videos where I show you how to make a website step by step, you just want to get the job done, save a lot of time and have a great end result then this video is for you So let me show you what we are going to do, we are going to make a website using a free theme, free page builder and free templates.

Instead of designing everything yourself, we will use pre-made templates that you can download for free through which you can create your website really fast. You can import complete pages and you can import certain sections you like. I will provide you with my templates and the page builder we will use called Elementor also has free and pro templates that you can import with a few clicks, then I will show you how to adjust all the templates to get the website you have in mind and if you want to know more about certain elements within the page builder I provide you with tutorials about all these elements within the page builder Elementor so everything is created to help you to save time and money.

Making a website these days is easy, if you like what you’re seeing then please like this video and subscribe for more upcoming videos, now let’s get started. The first thing we are going to do is get a domain name and web hosting and I can provide you through my link with a 60% discount of your hosting. After that we will install WordPress, after that we are going to install a free theme and a free page builder called Elementor and when we have done that we will create our amazing website so let’s get started. If you have web hosting already that’s great then you can skip this part, if not then follow along. So if we want to get a domain name and web hosting, we go to and then we click on the link and it will redirect us to SiteGround. SiteGround is in my opinion the best web hosting provider there is, their support is amazing and if you take a look at popular Facebook groups you see SiteGround is number one so I advise everyone to use SiteGround.

We have three plans and you need only one so which one do you need, if you want to make your first website then you can start with a startup area. This is $per month euros or dollars and it holds one website, 10 gigabyte of space, it’s suitable for 10,000 visits per month and if you get more than that that is great then you can upgrade to GrowBig. With grow back you can have a lot of websites under one name and you only pay $per month, what does it mean? You get web hosting for $per month and besides that you can have extra domain names and add them to your web hosting and in that way you can have multiple websites with a few domains for just $and if you get more visitors and you need more space then can upgrade another time to GoGeek but we start with one website, only $per month.

I did some tests and SiteGround is the fastest web hosting company I’ve found and they have great customer support, they have a live chat so in order to get a domain name and web hosting here let’s click on get started. We can choose a domain name, if you have one already, click over here you can fill in over here and it will do a website transfer for free. I want to register a domain name, if you choose Facebook and select dot-com and say proceed, it says error you have chosen an invalid domain name, why is that? Because already exists but if I would say and I say proceed, it says congratulations domain elementor2018 is available for registration with your web hosting account. I need to fill in some details, my email address and I need to create a password and here’s some client information. My country, the Netherlands, first name, last name, my company, my city and all other stuff and your VAT number, if you have a company you can fill in your VAT number and then the taxes will be subtracted from the total amount you have to pay.

I scroll down, I want to pay with credit cards, my card number my billing address is the same as given in the contact information and I want to have the startup plan, I can change this from Amsterdam to Chicago because I want to create a website that’s for English people, the period is 12 months I like it and I have a domain registration, I don’t want domain privacy, if you do that then nobody can see who the domain owner is so they don’t can email you with questions. I want to be transparent I leave it as this and I don’t need a site scanner so I also leave that as it is so total I confirm that I’ve read and agreed to the SiteGround Terms of Service and if you get web hosting here at SiteGround through my link I get a commission so thank you for that, it supports my channel and helps me to create more tutorials and what you can do now is pay now, your order was successfully submitted so that’s great, please hold it takes less than 2 minutes to complete your account creation and it takes less than 10 seconds.

So we completed step 1 we have a domain name and web hosting. I click over here proceed to customer area, now SiteGround wants to help you but we don’t need the help of SiteGround because I will show you everything so when this pops up say thanks but I don’t need help and click on proceed. I click on my accounts over here and I go to the cPanel, we are going to install WordPress. I go to the cPanel by clicking this red button, I remember my selection, I click on proceed and here is our cPanel.

What I want to do out, I want to install WordPress, over here is the auto installers, you can click on WordPress or you can go to WordPress tools, install the WordPress. I click on this one, I scroll down and here it says install now. I click on it and I want to choose HTTP, if you have only one website this is the only option, here it says the directory I can install it at or something like that, I keep this empty and here are the site settings.

The site name is Ferdy Korpershoek Productions the site description, you deserve to be seen, this is not necessary and my username FerdyKorp and my password, I like it, my admin email the language English and everything here is fine. What you see over here, I need to verify my account otherwise my website will be offline within two days so I go to my email, I click over here and I need to verify it so in order to ensure your domain remains active you must now click on the following link, click over here, scroll down, verify information, thank you the following contact data has been verified, really important to do, if you don’t do that your website can be offline after a few days. I click on install and it says it can take up to between 3 or 4 minutes but it only takes 15 seconds and now we have installed the WordPress.

I can go to the front-end on my website or to the backend. If I click on the front-end, it opens in a new tab this is the front-end. Everybody in the world that goes to elementor2018 right now will see this and if you go to the backend, it is the place only we can access and we can change everything on our website then we see the backend and the great thing about SiteGround is that our website is online immediately. With other web hosting companies I have worked with, it took 20 minutes sometimes it took 2 hours and sometimes even 48 hours and now we are online immediately. What I want to do now, I want to clean my website up, when you install WordPress through SiteGround, SiteGround brings some plugins with it and I don’t need them.

I want to start really clean so the first thing I will do, I will dismiss this over here, I will close this and what I want to want to do, now I go over here to FerdyKorp and I edit my profile. You can choose a color scheme, you can have it light or like sunrise, midnight. I like to use it as default.

I scroll down, my username is this one, my first name is Ferdy, my last name my nickname and then my display name publicity. If I click over here and I hold command or control on the PC, I go to my website and here’s a blog post. If I click on it you see it’s by Ferdy Corp. I want to change that so I change my name publicity to Ferdy Korpershoek and see right now, it’s Howdy Ferdy Korpershoek. I scroll down and if you want to you can generate a new password, I can do that over here, update profile and that’s done. Now if I refresh this page, it’s by Ferdy Korpershoek, what I also see when I’m here at this blog post, I see year and the date and then the title. If you want to change that go to the backend, go to settings > permalinks. I like to keep things clean and here it is displayed, the common settings of the permalinks, day and name so it will look like this I don’t want that I want it to look like this, forward slash then the post or the page name, so I click on posting, I scroll down and I say save the changes.

Now if I go to the home page, I click on this link and I go to then I go to the blog post and I click on it, it looks like this, it’s better, way better. I close this for now and I go to the dashboard, here is a post and I want to delete it so I click on the post, I click on trash, now I need to go to the trash over here and I can delete it permanently by clicking this link or I can empty the trash. I click on empty the trash and now if you go to the dashboard, it is gone. I go to plugins and jetpack came with SiteGround, what I can do, I can deactivate it and I can also select all the plugins and do a bulk action which is delete, I click on apply > yes I’m sure and now if you go to the dashboard and I close this and this and this and this, it looks way better in my opinion, it looks really clean.

I like to work in a clean environment and when you don’t have unnecessary stuff on your WordPress website, your website will be quicker so what I can do, I want to create a few pages so I can go to pages > add new but if I’m at the front end, I can hover over new and create a new page. This bar is only visible when you are logged in so all the visitors of your website will not see this only when you are logged in, so I hover over new, I click on page and of course I want to create a home page and then I click on publish, we will edit this later, for now I’ll just create a few pages and what else do you want to show on your website. I add a new page over here, I want to tell a little bit about myself or about my company so I say about, I click on publish, I click on add new, I want to let the visitors know what kind of services I offer so I say services or service something like that, I click on publish.

If you have more than one service that you can create a page of all the services, so I add a new one and for the service photography, I create a page for the service film, I create a page and for the service, web design and then a contact page so I click on new contact and if you want to use a portfolio page then click over here. Now I’ll show you how you can make a portfolio page and if you want to use blog post, I can show you how you can create blog posts so if I go to the pages page, you see all the pages we have. Now we need to assign those in a menu so if I take a look at the website, you don’t see the pages.

I want them to be seen so I’ll hover over here and I go to menus or I go to the dashboard which is the back end to appearance > menus, here I can create a menu so I need to have a menu name and the only one that sees this, I always say main underscore menu, I create the menu then I view all the pages, I select them all and I add them to the menu like that. If I take a look at, you don’t see a homepage you see only the logo, that’s what we want to do so I remove the homepage by clicking over here removing it and also here remove so we have About, Services then we have, here are three services and we have contact, what I want to do I want those three pages below the page services in the menu, how can I do that? I can drag it so I click on it, I hope my mouse and I drag it a little bit to the right below services and you see, it is a tab over here, I release it and now it is a sub item of services, the same I want to do for film below photography and web design, you can also have a sub menu in a sub menu so if I drag this to the right this now is a sub menu item of film, if I save it I close this and I take a look at a new tab holding command when I click over here, you see nothing because we need to assign the menu.

In this case every theme is different and this theme I can assign it to the top menu. I save it, refresh and now I have here About, Services, Contact and when I hover over services, I see the sub items and when I hover over film, I see the sub item web design. I bring it back like that, save it so this is set. I want to change the look of view of this website I don’t like this, what do we need to do for that? We go to, go to tutorials, free theme tutorials, make a website within one hour, scroll down and click on get the free Astra theme, we’re going to work with the Estra theme, an amazing theme that I will show you step-by-step how you can configure this theme, click on download now, scroll down and we want to free download so I click over here, my first name my email address so you get a notification when there are new updates.

I click on subscribe and download, if you don’t want to subscribe, you can say no you can even go to the website to the backend to appearance themes, add new and search for Astra and click on install then we can activate it and then I want to remove all those themes because I want to keep it clean, the last one theme details, delete so that’s that. Here at my website, let’s get Elementor. I click over here, I will show you how to get a free version, if you go for the pro version then I get a commission for that so thank you but in this video we will work with a free version of Elementor. In my opinion the best free page builder there is, click on free download and again your email address so you get updates or just no thanks I just want to download Elementor and also here you can go to the website, to plugins, add new and search for Elementor, Elementor page builder 600,000 installs, 5 stars, 2 days ago, they updated it, it’s perfect. Elementor is changing the way we make websites and we are going to use it in this tutorial.

I click on Install now, activate, I close all this and I go to the website and this is how our website looks right now and we’re going to make it look much better, we have now installed the Astra theme and the Elementor page builder. Now let’s create an amazing website so let’s click on customize so here I will walk you through all the steps that are necessary to adjust and configure your website. First we go to site identity, we can upload a logo. If you want to learn how to make a logo click over here and I will show you how it is done, I select the logo, I upload files, I select the files, there are on my desktop so here’s my logo FerdyKorpLogo.PNG, I open it I click on select, skip cropping and there it is.

I also have a retina logo which is twice the size so I select the image, upload files FerdyKorpLogoRetina and it’s bigger than this one, I open it, I choose the image like that. Here I can change the logo width like that really easily and here I have my Site title, if you don’t have a logo, you can choose a text over here. For instance Ferdy Korp, as it will be shown over here and I don’t want to display the title but if you don’t have a logo it’s a nice alternative and the tagline you can show it over here and I don’t want that, like that then we have the site icon, somehow I have it already over here, I can change it upload files > select files and keep in mind that this file needs to be square, it can be 16 by 16 pixels but I rather have it a bit bigger so it needs to be square, select it, you can crop it to make it square.

I should keep the cropping, all right now you see it over here, so that’s great, if I were to save it, I click on publish and I go back. What else, we have the layout of our website, we have the container, container width, I can make it smaller if I zoom out a bit command minus, you see better. I can make it wider and smaller, if I click over here it goes to default so I like it 1200 then we can change the default container, right now we see a wide area over here and a white area over here. I can change it, I can make it boxed so everything is in boxes also the widgets over here. I can change it to fool width, contained so it’s now full width but everything is in one big white container with the white backgrounds so if I make it smaller, you still see everything here, full width, also here full width and you can say full width, stretched everything goes over here to the left and over here to the right.

I don’t like that so I say full width contained but you can also change it for pages, for blog posts and the blog archive, we’re not going to use this in this tutorial. If you want to know how to work with blog posts then click over here, I go back, primary header then right now this one is selected, the logo at the left I can have the logo in the center and at the right but almost everybody has it at the left so why should you confuse your visitor and do it different so I would say this version or this one. I like this one, you can also disable the menu but I don’t see why, you can add a custom menu item, a search icon over here or a button, text HTML, contact us. For now I leave it because I want to show you something with it, you can have the button border size and I can make it the color of the logo so it will we blue like that, you can change the size, make it bigger and I just leave it at default, one pixel like that.

The header width command minus, let me show you one more time, I can say full width and then it will be totally at the left here and totally at the right over here, I like it to be contained within the container. Menu label on a small device, if I click over here on this icon I see how the website will look on the mobile and I want to say something over here. I say menu and why do I like to do that, when people use their thumb to click over here, if it’s small it’s harder to click over here for them so I say menu and now it’s easier to click over here and then get the menu, sub menu like that, you can also change it to stack and then it will be below the logo in the middle, it’s up to you, I like them both but I rather use inline.

I click on publish then you also can see how it will look on a tablet and it looks like that. I’ll bring it back to a desktop, I go back to the sidebar, I rather do not use a sidebar unless I want to so as default I want to say, no sidebar and here everything is default so there’s no sidebar in the website but at individual pages or individual posts I can put it there if I want to so no sidebar width is okay, then I go to the footer which is this area over here. The footer widgets, we can have footer widgets which we will have but right now we don’t have them yet so I disable them for now, I will bring them back later and we have the footer bar, we can disable it put it in the middle or put it at the left and we can have a menu here at the right, if we want to.

I like to keep it in the middle, a custom text, copyright, current year, over here I would like to say Ferdy Korp Media 2018 and then I rather remove this. What you can do, you can go to new > post say disclaimer, select it, make a link and say /disclaimer, apply, they need to go to text which gives you a code. I copy that code, I go to the customization options, create a pipe and place it over here so now we have a link to a disclaimer but then you need to also create a page called disclaimer. I do that disclaimer, publish so I publish it, I click over here and I go to the disclaimer page so that’s how it works. If you use section two here at the right then you can change a few things over here, we have the footer bar, top border color, I think it can be a bit darker that’s what you will see over here, really small and then you also can make it bigger like that and actually I like this color, blue over here, I like it.

Footer bar, the text color is white, the link color, we can give the color for instance this color. I have a tool for that, it’s called color pick eyedropper from Google Chrome, I can hover over this color, copy the color and use the color over here. The link hover color, it could be this green color, copy it and paste it really nice color pick eye dropper and if I hover over it, it becomes green like that so people see this is a link, then we have the background color and that is a darker color of the blue in the logo, like that maybe it can be a little bit darker, something like that. I go back, I go to the base colors, the theme color will be coming back on all kinds of places in a website so this is blue this is blue, if I would make this like that, then you see the base color will become this color, so I think I like this color so I go back to the footer bar, copy the color and bring it here back at the theme color and then the link color actually is the same as in the footer bar so also over here, I copy it.

The text color is okay, the link hover color again, this green color and the background color I leave it at nothing like that, if you change that everything in the website changes so I like it to be white. I publish it, and you see it is starting to look real nice then we go to typography, base typography, the font family, I like it to be open sans, that’s the text everywhere on the website and if I go to headings for instance, I can change the font, I can make it capitals so I like that. I bring it back, if I go to the header that’s for pro but we don’t need that, content, I go back and this I’ll leave because we don’t use that and then we’ve buttons, we have menus which is we’ll take a look at later and then we have the home page settings and those are quite important. Right now our website shows our latest posts, it says ready to publish your first post? No I want to use a static page which is called home and we don’t have a post page so I leave that as it is, click on publish, I close this I close this and now this is our website, what I don’t like is the menu, I wanted to be in capitals so I go to the menu, I click over here and then I rewrite it in capitals, About Us, services and contact, save it, I go to the website, I go to customize to remove this so I go to layout primary header, in here at custom menu item I say none, publish, I close it and that’s it, let’s go and edit the homepage.

I click on edit page and I scroll down and I say disable the title, I update it, I view the page and this is how it looks, I really like this. Now we’re going to use a free version of Elementor so I click on edit page and edit with Elementor so here we will save a lot of time, what we could do, we could add a new section, choose a few columns for instance 3 and then use the elements for instance an image or a video or Google Maps or a lot of different elements, we can use those to make a website step by step but these days web designing goes to a new level and that is that we use templates to create our website so if you want to see how you can do that then go to, click over here on templates and what we can do, we can get all those templates for free in one big template pack and those templates complete pages and sections, we can import in our website with a few clicks and that will save us a lot of time so if I fill in my details over here and I say give me the package I need to go to my Gmail account and here it is from Ferdy Korpershoek, get your Elementor template pack.

I click on get the template back, I go to the Thank You page and this video gives more instructions but I will show you how it is done, I click on download the template pack and it is downloading over here. I click on it so I open it and here you see it, you see an image and a zip file so if I go down, down I can see all the elements, all those sections and all complete pages and I can implement them in my website so right now I can search for media business page, maybe I like this one or this version or this one, this one fits the most in my website so I will use this one so let me see, media business home page version 3, I go to Elementor, I click on add template, I click on this icon, import a template, I select a file, I go to the complete template pack for the media business page, I open it and I insert it into the website and what you will see, we have a website over here.

With just a few clicks, it looks amazing and if I update the page and I click on this eye, I can preview the changes, this is how our website looks right now, Ferdy Korp photography film, web design, two call to actions, my 3 services I offer with a few images, a video and button, some information about us with a nice animation over here to the left about who we are and what we do, what people say about us, the clients we work for and a few social media icons and that’s how easy it is these days to make websites so if we go back over here we can change a lot of stuff so for instance if I want to change the color of the background, let me explain it briefly to you, you have a section, you can click on section settings by clicking on this icon and this is the section and those three areas are a section and when you hover over it, you see this blue area and the left one are the section settings.

In the sections we have columns, over here we have only one column, here we have 3 columns and those are the grey icons over here. In the left upper corner and if you click on that then you can edit the column settings and within those columns we have elements, this is an icon box, icon box over here we have the image carousel and here we have the button so we have a section, within that section we can have one or more columns and in those columns we can have elements so if I want to edit this element, here at the right I see a blue icon, I click on that and here’s a title. I could say Astra WP and then I think it’s not aligned really well so we have the content, we can add a link for instance the size, the alignment then we have style, there we can change the color, the typography, text shadows so I can create it like this and then we have advanced.

Well if I go to style, to typography, I can change a lot of things as you see the size, I can make it bigger and you see it immediately so what you can do, you can import templates into your website and then you can adjust them so maybe your company is totally not about Ferdy Korp and photography film and web design then you can click over here and you can change it, turn your passion into profit, something like that, I don’t know. Maybe I think over here, I don’t have a portfolio page so you click over here, you change portfolio to About Us so I change the link to About Us and here at still I can change the color and here at the contact button, I also can change the color here at style so let me go to the section, we have layout and also at the section we have style and there we can change the background, we can change the overlay so if I go to background overlay, I can change the colors and the great thing is you see it immediately and we say update, you see it like that so that’s how you can change things within the website really quickly so the new way of making websites is importing templates from within Elementor or outside of Elementor and then adjust it and then that way you can make a website really quickly.

If I don’t like this, I go back, I click over here history, I scroll down and I say let me see, if I click here what happens, here yes I like it the way it is over here so I say update it again when I update it, it automatically refreshes over here so I like it the way it is. Only for this I want to change that portfolio, I change it to services, services update. Of all the elements, the free elements and the paid elements I have tutorials so you can click over here to see playlist of all those tutorials and there I discussed all the elements so over here the icon element I will talk about it how we can make this bigger, make this smaller and all that stuff so if you want to learn more how to adjust it, how to make it then you can click over here but I will show you how to adjust it really quickly like over here you click on it then we have content, you can change photography to something else, you see it immediately, you can change the colors, primary color like that you can change the spacing, the size, the padding, it’s all really easy to change, I go back let me see, like that, that’s how easy it is to work with Elementor and so far we’ve only made use of the free elements and maybe you think over here this looks a little bit weird that is because over here I have a video and that plays automatically but when you watch it on a smartphone it does not play automatically so I said on a smartphone at advanced I go to response, if I want to hide this on a desktop and this I only want to show on a desktop so when I watch this on a big screen this video appears and when I watch it on a smartphone this video appears so that’s the great thing about Elementor you have a lot of possibilities to change the website for all devices.

So if I make the screen smaller let’s see what happens, here you see the menu make it even smaller and now it goes like that on top of each other and you scroll down and everything still looks fine and if you don’t like it you can change it so if I make this bigger, this aligns at the right and if I make it smaller, I decided that I want it to look like this so that’s the power of Elementor, you can import templates and you can adjust them really easily and you can optimize everything for all devices so let’s go to the About Us page, I click on edit page and I need to do a few things, I scroll down and I want to disable the title that’s it, I click on update and now I edit this with Elementor, I close this, there’s a different way of creating website and saving time; you can click on add a template and then you can go to the new function, ‘Blocks’ and it’s all black and white and in that way you can easily create a website and adjust it to the colors you want to.

So let’s start with a Hero over here you see all kinds of categories, if you see something you like you can click on the heart, then when you go to my favorites it comes back over here. I go to a hero then I can search for one, some are pro so you need pro for that and some are for free so let me see, I like this one so I click on insert or I can watch it before I insert it, I insert it and there it is, what else? I click on add a template, blocks and now I want to have a light one maybe something with About, maybe something about company and a picture.

I click on insert and you have light versions and dark versions and I like to use a dark one and after that a light one and after that a dark one, add a template maybe something about the team, team and there are few different options, I like this one insert and then something about Contact so I add a template, I go to blocks and I search for contact. A lot of pro things, maybe this one, insert, so I remove this for now, I click over here and then you see the website as it should look like when it is live, dark area, light one, dark one and then light one and now we can adjust it so I click over here, I can change the text, we are creative then I go to the style to typography, now I want it to be in uppercase so like that I can make it bigger, I can change the font then I can take a look how it looks.

If I click on update and I click on this eye, I can preview the changes, we are creative, you have text over here and what I like to do, I like to change the colors so I go to this section over here, I go to style, the background but now I go to a gradient and you see it changes immediately, the first color is this one and I paste it like that, update. Now this page shows the update, this text is not that visible so I click over here, I go to style and I make it white and if we take a look at this button you can play around with it, read more organic contacts, get in contact and I click on style, now over here you see typography for normal and you see the text color is black. I can change it to white but I don’t see anything because the background color is also white, what I also can do, I can make it transparent like that. Now when I hover over it, it looks like that, I can use a border type, for instance, solid and then here I can say a border of 5 pixels everywhere, I can un-link this so for the top I say 0, right 0, below 3 and left 0, now it looks like that and if you hover over it, it becomes green and how can we change that, if you go to hover the text color stays white the background color, this color it’s when I hover over it, it becomes dark and I don’t want to have an animation so I close it like that so it looks like that, update.

We are creative, the text is white and there’s a nice hover over here, where does it go to? I click over here again, I go to content and I can say forward slash ‘Contact’ and it means when you say forward slash it goes to this website forward slash and then ‘Contact’ in this case and you can change the typography, you can make it bigger, smaller then change the weight to something else, make it normal or uppercase, line height as if you say command Z, it goes back or control Z, you can do the letter spacing, you can do so many things, you can have a shadow so if I scroll down, I see a box shadow, I can have a small shadow, increase the blur or the spread, update like that, now we need to change the image.

I can say, you know what, I don’t want to use this so I click on this cross and I go for an image gallery, I drag it over here medium, I can add a few images so let me see those four, for instance, create a new gallery, insert the gallery and we can play around, two columns, link to media file, use a light-box like that then we have this area, about the company or ‘About Us’, you can have text over here, I like to make this darker, the text so I go to style, click on the color and say four, four, four that’s it and here again I can say duplicate, drag it over here, close it, I want to bring back some colors so I go to normal and I paste this color like that and as I said before, of all the elements you see over here, I have tutorials so if you want to learn in depth how the button works you can watch those tutorials.

I update it, change this color and as you see on my website if I go to the home page, I like to keep it in one style so blue green and on the dark blue which you see over here, I want to keep it consistent and I suggest you to do the same so your brand comes out better, you can change this picture and also here you can change the colors so let me do that, you go to the background overlay, first color and the second color like that, you can change the angle, from left to right or right to left and of course over here I can change the colors so I go to style, I can change the image size, make it 50 then I go to the content, to the description and I make it white.

Also over here, style 50, content and if you think I like this, I like editing things and get to know everything. I also have a complete tutorial about how to make a WordPress website using Elementor and there I discuss a lot of elements more in depth you can follow that over here so now I change this really quickly so this is the web page, you can change this information over here and maybe think I would like to have one more thing over here. Well if you go to to all templates and you see something you like that then you can implement it in the website, so for instance if you want to have this, click on it and download it, it’s now downloading, I go over here edit template, upload, select a file, go to the downloads, for images with hover, I insert it and there it is, update, let’s take a look and that’s how easy it is to create your website, you can use templates complete pages, you can use blocks, you can use sections from templates, there’s also a different way. If we go to contact, editing the page, disable the title, update, edit with Elementor, add a template then we also have templates from within Elementor itself so I can search for contact and you see pro pages and free pages so let’s see, you can take a look, you can insert it so I did and now it looks like that, everything is orange so what can we do, I can grab this color, this one and I can change the color everywhere, let me go through it quickly, update.

Let’s take a look, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Visit us’ and of course you need to change the information but now it is in the style of the website and if you want to change this over here, you can click on the elements, here at the right or you click on the element itself and you could say Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa and there it is. In my opinion one of the most beautiful places in the world, I’ve been there on honeymoon, it is so beautiful over here, if you live here or nearby, you can be really grateful so that’s what you can do with the templates within Elementor, now let me upgrade so what I can do, I close this, I close this, I close this, you can also go click here and then go to all the individual templates then you can get Elementor pro, go to pro, you can buy it for one site, for three sites or unlimited sites.

I have an account already so now I’m also able to use pro plugins so if I go to, I click on templates, click here and I go to the category Pro templates, I can choose one, for instance the countdown, I click on it download the countdown, there it goes, I go to the contact page, edit with Elementor, I can click on the ‘+’ (plus), add a template, upload, select the file, down version 1, there it is, I insert it and there it is. Again I can change the colors so maybe I want something with orange, to do something lighter, I can change the angle then I go to the element itself, I change the date to my birthday 28th, oh 90 days, I can select how many days or only the hours, I can change the colors, I can change of the border, I can remove the border, I can make the border like this, change the radius to three, there’s a lot of what you can do, maybe you can even make it transparent like that, look at that and with a few seconds I changed the whole style, I know it does not fit over here but I just want to illustrate to you how you can change the look and feel of things in your website, I can drag it down and that’s how you can edit your website.

So my responsibility is to work hard on this website because I think the future of making websites is using templates so right now I have to say it’s a little bit limited and with a lot of the same colors because those are the colors of Elementor, there will be a lot of new additions and that’s why I asked you to sign up with your email over here so you can get notified when I have new updates. So my focus will be creating tutorials and creating templates and I will also hire some designers to do that for me so I can focus more on creating tutorials so that’s how you can make a website really quick, we go to the services page, Illustrate it one more time, edit page, remove the title, update.

I go to, templates, click here, complete pages and now I go for the services page, a really nice page with photography, videography and web design. Get in contact and contact form, download services page version 1, there it goes, edit with element, add a template, upload, select a file, services page, version 1 and can take a minute to upload but here it is services page version 1, I insert it and here you can change the text, change the colors, change everything and that’s how it works. I see I don’t have the contact form so I click on update, I go over here to the dashboards to plugins, add new and there’s a free plug-in called contact form 7, I also have a tutorial about it, install now but it comes with a normal form, we’d have to configure it so I go to website, Ferdy Korp, services page, web design, get in contact and here it is, beautiful with a nice backgrounds and that’s how it works, that’s how we can create a website really quick.

Let me show you one more thing, we can have footer widgets here below so if I click on customize and I scroll down and I go to the layout, footer, footer widgets, I can enable it and I have four areas where I can put information. If I want to have more options, I can go for Estra pro but for now we work with a free version, I have tutorials about Estra pro, you can watch them over here, that will be my primary theme I will be using so I will work a lot with Estra and with Elementor because I think it’s a perfect combination for creating amazing websites. I go back now and I go back, I go to widgets, footer widget 1 and we can add a widget, for instance, a sitemap or a menu navigation menu, I can give it a title and I call this site map, it’s a fancy word for overview of the website, menus, like that, publish then I can go to the second one and I can add a text for reference and something like this, I click over here ‘About Us’ and I play something like this and then third one we don’t have, we need a plug-in for that so I go back, I close this and now we have two already, I go to the backend, plugins, add new and I search for Facebook by WebLizard, here it is, install now activate, now I need to go to and then forward slash developers, like that my apps, add a new app, for instance Astra 2018, my contact email, create app ID, fill in this code and you’ll see the key over here, you can click to copy, go to the plugins now go to the front end of the website, go to customize, go to widgets, the third area, add a widget, search for face, Facebook like box, you can say like us, fill in your own website, show faces yes, show livestream no, let me show you what is happening, it looks like that now and I need to have the ID, I have it over here okay, publish, I close it again, I go to the backend, plugins, add new and I search for Instagram widget, I like this one by wpzoom, install now, activate it, I go to the settings page, connect with Instagram, make sure you are logged in so I go to Instagram like that, then I say connect with Instagram, now I’m connected, I save the changes and now again go to the front-end, I click on customize, I scroll down, I go to widgets > footer widget 4, add a widget and I search for ‘Inst’, there it is, well it says to ‘Follow us’, I don’t use Instagram that much, ‘Follow us’, I scroll down so now it looks like this so if I close this, our footer area looks like this site map, About us, like us and follow us and that’s how you can make a website using a free theme Elementor and templates.

So I’ve shown you how to create a website, how to configure it, how to implement templates and edit them, how to implement blocks and then adjust the website add different sections, how to implement websites from within Elementor using the Elementor templates, how to add pro templates and adjust them and how to add complete pages so if you want to learn more about Elementor, please check my channel I have a lot of videos about Elementor, as I said before I want to focus more on Estra theme and Elementor and Elemental pro, I have tutorials about all the Elementor pro elements so what is the next step for you? I have a few tutorials for you that will help you to continue to build your website, I have two tutorials about search engine optimization, I will show them in the description, I have a tutorial about MailChimp where I show you step by step how to create an account, create an opt-in form and grow your email list, I have a tutorial about WooCommerce how to create a web shop within your website so feel free to take a look at those tutorials and grow your business even more, this was it for now, thank you so much for watching this tutorial.

Please like the video, subscribe for more upcoming videos and then you will see me next time, bye bye. .

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