How to Link a Layer in Slider Revolution for WordPress

Hey y’all, my name is Kori Ashton and welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. We are here in San Antonio, Texas, at WebTegrity, and we are WordPress nerds. And today, I’m gonna teach you how to add a link to a layer inside of the Slider Revolution. So if you caught our live Q & A last week, we actually interviewed the authors, the developers, of this incredible slideshow plugin called Slider Revolution, we call it the Rev Slider. And some of the questions that had come in off of our YouTube channel from the comments was how do you link a layer? And if you’re running the new and improved version or higher, you know that it kinda got a little bit more, I don’t know, not really complicated, more so as just, more abilities.

So with that came some layering issues, and we kinda got a little turned around. So I wanna just show you, it’s actually really super easy, but if nobody showed you, sometimes I guess it could get a little tricky. So, what I have here is just an empty slide for now. I’m gonna go ahead and add a layer. Click Add Layer, and I’m gonna add an image. I already have an image uploaded that I wanted to use. And let’s just say I wanted to advertise a new beverage in a food menu slideshow that we have here.

So if I wanted to advertise this particular item, and have this image link to a page, I would want to go ahead and go to the URL, the link at the top that I want this image to link to, and copy that onto my clipboard so I know exactly, when somebody clicks this image, where do I want them to shoot over to, right? So now I’ve got that on my clipboard and I know where I want them to go. In order to make any layer, for that matter, clickable, not just an image, but any layer, what you’re gonna do now is you’re gonna add an action to that layer, okay? So, as long as this layer is selected, I can click on Actions, and now here with the plus sign we’re going to add an action. When this layer is clicked, what do we want it to do? We want to enable a simple link, and you can see all sorts of options that can immediately go into effect if somebody’s clicks on this particular layer.

So for us, we’re just gonna say a Simple Link. When it says Link URL, that’s exactly where you’ll want to paste that link that you may have had on your clipboard already, right? So I’m just gonna type one in for now, and send it over to And then Link Target, do you want it to open in the same window, or do you want it to open up in a brand new window? So if you wanted them to leave your website, we do suggest opening up a new window.

If they’re staying on your website, be sure to keep this in the same window. And it’s a jQuery link or a tag link, that’s really up to you, and kinda more advanced. I say just keep it at default there. And now this is fully clickable, anywhere on that particular layer, fully clickable, and of course you know to save that option over here on the right side, you’re just gonna go ahead and click Save. If you wanted to test it, and I always suggest that you do, you can click in the preview mode and come over here to the actual layer image and click on it, and there it is, it fully worked.

Look at that, y’all! That’s how you make a layer clickable in Slider Revolution. I hope that helped you. If you liked this, and you’re interested more and more in WordPress tutorials, I do these free every single WordPress Wednesday. So be sure to click on the little icon over here that looks like a play button, click on that and become a subscriber to our channel because we’re gonna be giving you all sorts of awesome ways to improve your WordPress website. Hope you’re having a great day, I’ll see you next week! Bye-bye y’all. .

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