How to install WordPress on Digitalocean droplet within 5 minutes

Hello and welcome youtube In this video we are going to install WordPress or Digitalocean droplet. So let’s get started. Click on Create droplet and after that select Ubuntu 14.04. Next choose a size for your droplet. I would recommend you to go for this one or you can go for this one if you are single site less than millions of visitor per month. so let’s stick to this one and select a data center region which should be near to your traffic sources and then select at IP version 6 and if you want to back up you can select this one also and obviously we need a SSH key if you are on Windows you can use puttygenerator to generate key Let’s generate it Copy the key key paste it here add SSH key Give a hostname.

I generally prefer to name it as and after that click create. In the mean time save the private key we have just generated. Name it as my new key now we have ip address. Copy it and open the putty. Paste it in the hostname go to SSH and then authentication auth browse the key mynewkey After that go to session and click open yes Then login as root See. We got logged in. Now it’s time to install Wordpres on thi site. Let me make it bigger okay. Now the very first thing you would like to do is to update your system So type sudo apt-get update and upgrade yes In the meantime head towards this site and copy this command I mistyped the command. It was apt-get update and apt-get upgrade Let it run. Once update is over next we are going to install WordPress on nginX PHP MySQL now paste the command we have just copied Now enter you name and email I D now we have to run one more command so let’s copy this command and paste it here and don’t forget to replace with your domain my domain name is After that press enter.

In the mean time, I am going to update DNS server for that go to digitalocean Click on add a domain Enter your domain name. Select the droplet and click create record. After that you will get these 3 nameservers Copy these name servers and update your DNS server If your registrant is GoDaddy then you would likely to the get panel like this On name server click manage and delete old one or just click edit NS2 NS3 Last One delete OK Looks like I forgot to remove this dot at the end. Now click OK save it now let’s go back to our. Ok WordPress installation has been finished. copy and save these credentials. However as of now I need only the WP Admin password, so let’s copy and go to ok . As you can see that our WordPress is ready. Let me login to admin panel Enter the username and the password login and see we have fully functional domain running on digitalocean droplet within few minutes. Thank you for watching with you and don’t forget to subscribe .

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