How to install a WordPress Plugin with the WordPress Toolkit – Plesk

Hi welcome to this Pen Publishing Interactive WordPress Video. In this video I’m going to show you how to install a WordPress plugin in Plesk with the WordPress Toolkit. Let’s get started. So I’m already logged in to Plesk which is where my website resides on the server. There’s gonna be three ways that we can do and plug-in install within Plesk using the WordPress toolkit. The first way is just click the plugins link here and it’s going to show you what plugins are currently installed on your WordPress site. Right now I have two plugins there that are inactive. I can activate them from here or I can install a new one. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna install a new one and I know the one that I want. I want Yoast. So it’s going to go out there and search it now Notice that I can activate it as soon as it’s installed. My purpose is I don’t want it Activate it right now. So I’m gonna uncheck that. You can see the ratings and I can install more than one plug-in at a time. So for now, I’m just gonna check the Yoast SEO Plugin, which is a very popular search engine optimization plugin for WordPress.

So I’m just gonna hit install and then the WordPress Toolkit will go ahead and install it for me And it’s gonna load it and there it is. It’s installed so that plug-in has been installed. So that’s way number one to do this in Plesk. The other way And again some of y’all might want to see reviews or sort which ones are the better plugins for certain things. There’s a different way you can do that and see that click on the left link here for WordPress Then hit plugins. Again, you’ll see the plugins you have installed and you can toggle these buttons to turn them on, Turn them off, Etc.

So that just activates the plugins. So I’m gonna hit install here and what its gonna do it’s going to go to the WordPress repository of plugins from and It’s gonna give me this list, which is great. So you can see some of the more popular ones I can sort say you only want five star plugins And I want some that have been downloaded more than a million times or installed more than a million times You can sort all that for my purposes I am going to go ahead and clear this out because I want to install Contact Form 7. The other cool thing Is that you can see which plugins you already have installed. So obviously I have Yoast we just installed that one, Akismet Anti-spam is already installed, but wasn’t activated. So I’m just gonna ahead and click install for Contact Form 7 and the WordPress Toolkit within Plesk Will install this for me, And there it is and it’s going to give me that information, which is great. So I’m gonna click out of there. Now if you go and download, if you prefer to download the zip files for these plugins You can also install them and the way you do that you can just go to plugins up here And then again, it’s gonna show you what plugins are currently installed on Your WordPress site.

Hit upload plug-in. Right now in my current instance I only have one website so it’s only listed once, but say you manage multiple websites and they were all WordPress, you could install the plug-in on all the websites by just they would show up here on as a list and you can just select which ones You want the plug-in to install at. You can even select to activate them right after installation. Again, I only have one here so I’m only gonna stick to that and I don’t want the plug-in to activate right after I install. So I already pre downloaded the Google Sitemap Generator plug-in, so there’s a zip file just hit open. Once I do that, I’ll hit upload and It’s gonna start uploading the files and there it is. Now I have Yoast which you saw how install that. Contact Form 7 which I installed and I’m gonna refresh this page so you can see that the Google sitemap XML Sitemap, plug-in has been installed as well.

That’s how easy it is to install a plug-in through using WordPress toolkit in Plesk. Hope you learned something today. Thank you for watching. For more information. You can visit our website at You want to shoot as a note? Email us at You’re on Facebook or Twitter We’d appreciate a follower and like and if you’re watching this on YouTube hit that subscribe button. Help us out. Thank you for watching and until next time. .

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