How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

Hey there, welcome to WPBbeginner and thanks for tuning in. In this video I’m gonna show you how you can fix the WordPress not sending emails issue. If you use a form on your site, say like gravity forms or WPForms then you need to rely on your website for sending emails and a lot of times if your site isn’t sending emails it’s because you’re hosting provider they don’t have the PHP mail function turned on on the server and that’s ok we actually recommend that you use SMTP for sending email that is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and its the industry standard for sending emails.

To get that going on your site I’m gonna walk you through in this video how to set up a mail gun account and how to connect that to your website so that you know that your emails are getting sent on your website. So the first thing we want to do is we wanna go ahead and go to mailgun and we want to sign up. The service is quite affordable the first 10,000 emails a month are free. So I’m going to go ahead and create an account real quick and then we’ll move on. Once you create an account you’re gonna see this area and you want to just scroll down because we’re gonna add your domain here.

I’m gonna click add domain from here we need to add a subdomain. We’ll create the subdomain on our website host platform so I’m gonna keep this open. We’re going to create the subdomain and that’s going to be on our own hosting site so what we need to do is go ahead and keep this page open but we need to go to our hosting account. Log-in to the cPanel and we’re going to scroll down and we’re looking for the subdomains area. From here I’m gonna click on the subdomains because I want to create one. You can see this is the one I want to use if you have multiple domains you wanna pick the one that you want to use this for and I’m gonna type mail1 so it’s basically going to be mail1.mydomain.

Alright, now that we created that I’m gonna copy that information, go back to mailgun, I want to add that subdomain here and then click add domain. Okay, now we need to go through and do some verification. What it’s saying here’s you need to go the DNS provider so again you need to go back to your hosting account go to the home area and this time we want to go on to advanced DNS zone area to set this up. There are two records that we want to enter. This text one and this text one so we want to enter this value and this information on our advanced DNS area.

Okay, so first thing I’m gonna do is copy this info, add it into the name area the time to live we’re gonna put the default 14400 this is a text type, and the address I’m gonna come over back over here copy that value add it here and add record. Alright, successfully added we can see it down here need to do the same thing for the other one. Can copy this information, add that to the name area. I’m gonna grab this whole piece add it to the address time to live here is the default, the type is text based and then I’ll paste that data there and I want to add that record as well. Alright that one was added successfully as well right now that I’ve entered that I need to go back to my cpanel homepage and I need to make an entry.

I’m looking for the MX record entry because I need to make an MX entry. From here and choose the root domain and I want to add what I see here so it’s a ten priority and this value so do ten, destination will be that, add the new record. Alright now we’ve added everything that we need to to the hosting side so now we need to go to our actual WordPress website go ahead and log-in. Under plugins we want to add new and we’re searching for the plugin called mailgun for WordPress. I’ll hit enter, and this is the one we want from mailgun so we’ll install now and we want to activate it alright once it’s activated you need to go into settings and we want to go ahead and set all of this up.

Yeah we want to use the HTTP API setting that’s the default and that’s perfect for what we’re doing. The mailgun domain name you want to go over to your mailgun site and copy this domain up here. put that there, and then you also wanna grab your API key from your mailgun site put that here here you can decide if you want to choose to track your clicks and the open rates of the emails can also add a tag for further tracking and analytics and then here’s a short code for later. But we want to just save these settings and then we want to test configuration make sure everything looks ok you and now that we have a success and with that we fix the issue of not being able to send emails from our WordPress website. if you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment there we’d love to hear from you and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos.

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