How to Edit Content on Your GoDaddy WordPress Website | GoDaddy Help

The quickest and easiest way to customize content in your GoDaddy WordPress website is using the Page Builder tool. Let’s see how! Page Builder is only used to edit content in the body of a theme; changes in the header or footer are done through the Customizer. To start, open the Page Builder tool. The Page Builder menu displays on the right side of the screen. In Page Builder mode, when you roll your cursor over an editable object in the content area, a blue highlight displays along with an edit options menu.

To edit any text or images in an object, click Callout Settings. In the Callout Settings dialog box, you use the General tab to make changes to the text. Changes you make on this tab are reflected on the screen as you type. To edit the font size or style of your text, click Toolbar Toggle, and use the edit options that display.

To edit the graphics in an object, select Image. On the Image tab, you can replace a template’s default graphic with one you’ve uploaded, or by selecting one from the free stock photo library. You can also set the size, the crop, or shape of the image, as well as its location within the callout box. To keep a draft of any changes you make, click Save.

To move objects on the page, click on the Move icon, and holding your mouse down, drag the object to the desired position. Need to delete an object? Just click Remove. If you want to keep a draft version of your edits, click Done and select Save Changes and Exit. To make your edits permanent and view them on your site, you must click Done, and select Publish Changes. Keep in mind, the Page Builder tool allows you to work on only one page a time.

To work on a different page, you must first publish your changes, and then open the WordPress Dashboard or the Customizer to select the next page you want to edit. .

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