How to Create a WordPress Website From Scratch in 10 Minutes

Five years back, When I was looking for, how I to create a websites. Then I got into this online world, started a blog and get into YouTube etc. And today, I’m myself making a video on how to create a websites. — INTRO —- Hi, there this is mrinal once again And in today’s video, we’ll see How to build a website from scratch. By the end of this video, You’ll be able to make something like this — Now, in this video We’ll be buying domains and hosting and install self hosted wordpress so, the total cost of this project will cost you around $20 to 50.

Yes, you can do it for free. By getting a subdomain and hosting on free hosting sites. But that’s not good for professional use. Our focus, is on creating a professional website Something that works. Think of it like investment, You put some money and it’ll get you more money. — In my early day on the internet, I’d made a lot of websites And made a lot of mistake, So, in this video, I’ll cover the best practice Things I have learn, mistakes to avoid and stuff like that. Like always, see the description for all the useful resources. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started. —— OVERVIEW There is a lot of information in this video, So if you are new player here, I recommend you watch this video carefully And to make things easy to digest I’ve divided this video in 3 parts Part 1: Buy a Domain Name and Host What is domain and host, where to buy them, what mistakes to avoid.

Part 2: Set Up website Handle the technical part, linking the domain and host, installing wordpress etc Part 3: Customize the website. Finding the right themes and customizing it. So, now that we have the overview, Let’s get started. —– Part 1: Buy a Domain Name and Host So, what exactly is domain and hosting? Well, domain is your website name like —, etc. And hosting is the giant computer, that will be storing all your website data and make sure it’s up all the time. A good example will be to understand domain and hosting is building a house. The ground area is your domain And the concrete structure is your hosting.

Just like the base land, Once you buy your domain, you can not change it. So make sure your good domain, Something which is catchy and brandable. While, the hosting is different If you don’t like your host, you can change it Just like how you can tear down the house and built a new one It’ll be expensive but doable. Ok, so let’s buy our first domain, For this instance, since I’m building a personal blog I’ll buy a domain with my first and last name. So, go to instant domain search and see if it’s available Luckily it’s available for me. Now, you can buy it for any domain registrar company It doesn’t matter much, Just make sure they are reputable I prefer Godaddy. So go there, search for the domain, Add it to your card And create a account Make sure, you strip off all the additional stuff Like sitelock and stuff, Though privacy guard can come in handy If you don’t want people to see your register mobile number and address.

From the whois database. I like to use privacy guard. Next go to checkout page And since there is option to apply coupon, Look for it on google. There are always tons of coupons for domains and hosting And most of them work. A good place to look will be sites like retailmenot. So, apply coupon if you find it There are always coupons available for domains and hosting business Some of them will give very good deal, If you buy both hosting and domain from the same company. But I don’t see it as a good practice. Because, say if your website gets hacked or something bad happens Then the registered will block, your entire account Which includes both your hosting and domain control panel And then you won’t be able to do anything But, if your hosting and domain are in different places And there is some problem with your host Which always happens You can quickly upload the backup to some other server and get up and running in 2 hours. — And then check out. You will get an email with from the domain registrar About the confirmation.

— Now let’s buy the hosting. But which one should you buy? Well, if you remember the house analogy Hosting is like your house structure. Broadly speaking — There are three types of hosting — shared, VPS and dedicated server. If you are expect less visitors — go with shared hosting – it’s the cheapest- in this you will sharing a server with other websites – kind of like having a small home with many people living under the same roof — this is good for personal blogs or small business owners who are expecting less than 5k pageview a day. If you expect more traffic – go with VPS – it’s more expensive than shared hosting – here you’ll still share a server, but now you fixed space allocated to each player — kind of like drawing a partition in the room — this is good for websites that get 5-30k pageviews a day.

I host my website on VPS as well. And finally, we have dedicated servers, here you get the entire server for yourself — and is very expensive — it’s kind of like living in manson — and sites like cnet, amazon uses dedicated server — good for sites that has more than 50k or more traffic per day. Ok now, since I already pay for VPS, I’m going to host my personal site there only But for a demonstration, I’ll buy a few month hosting just to show you How it look like. Pointer 3 Now where should you buy your hosting Is really important.? Well, there are many hosting providers in the market Like – bluehost, hostgator, digital ocean, godaddy etc etc. But what you might not know Most of them are own by a single parent company called — EIG network. And some people say, hostgator is not good but bluehost is Well in the end, you are buying from a same parent company Who sometimes even share same resources.

So, do your research and then buy a good host. I’m using hostgator for 2 years, and they also have minimum plans for 3 months so I’m going with them But you should do your research from multiple sources So, go hostgator websites Under hosting click on shared hosting, since mine is just a personal blog The most popular is, linux hosting with cpanel So, if you are not sure, if you want windows or dedicated wordpress Go with linux with cpanel I already have a domain, Make sure to uncheck all the extra features And then add to cart Again, look for coupons and apply it The minimum is 50% off in this industry And in time of blackfriday and cyber monday It goes up to 80% Never buy hosting at full price.

Ever And then create a account and check out. Once you do that successfully You’ll get a conformational mail from your provider With two nameserver Now what hell is that? Well, take this Your bought the domain in some other comany And hosting in another Now, how will your host know where to point Or how they two are going to interact with each other. And as you have guess it, The name server is will do this. So, copy these two name server And go to your domain registrar’s control panel Find a place to enter name server (if you are not sure where to find it, do a simple google search) And then paste these namerser that you get from your host In the domain control panel Now, you might have to wait up to 48 hours for DNS to update But, usually it takes few hours only Now, once it’s successfully updated, You can check it by pinging your domain If it point to name server you just added, you have successfully link your domain and host.

Now, let’s move to the next part Where we’ll install wordpress in the cpanel. —– Okay so now the domain and host, Next you have to push your content on website. The very basic way to do that, Write a simple html page and upload that into the root directory of your cpanel And it should appear in the websites. But hey, this is not 2001, Right? We need better. Something with more features and customization options And WordPress the best way to go about it.

It’s basically a CMS, So, all you have to do is install it on your web server And then you can tons of different option. Infact more than 50% website in the world runs on WordPress. It’s easy to use, has a big community, tons of free plugins and theme. Though, it’s a bit technical, So if you opt for other website builder tools like wix, squarespace etc. For this in video, we are going with wordpress So, Go to you hosting control panel, (you will the login details in the welcome email, That you get when created your account) Now almost every host has on-click wordpress installation So, look for the wordpress icon, click on it and then install it. Next, enter the WordPress login email address and username Make sure you remember it, Since it can not be change later one. And then install it. Now, it’ll give a wordpress login URL, Go there, and then enter your wordpress login credentials That you have just created a seconds ago.

And there we are, now you have successfully installed WordPress. —- Now, once you have install WordPress on your site If you refresh your domain page You will see a clean website. This is the default theme, But the good thing about WordPress is, There are tons of free themes and stuff So, let’s customize it. Login to your WordPress dashboard, Then go to theme section Now here you can look through wordpress database Or, google free wordpress themes for magazine, blog or personal website etc. I found this one, Though, I might change it in future Now, once I update the theme. You’ll see something entirely different. Next, I’ll add some menus and pages to the websites You can also some contact us and security plugins etc. Now, I’m just fast forwarding here But you can always see couple of video on WordPress and get the feel in less than 30 minutes And once everything is done You’ll get something like this. — So, let’s wrap it up. In the step 1 – we bought a domain name In step 2 – we bought hosting In step 3 – we link the domain and hosting with 2 name server In step 4 – We installed wordpress on the hosting control panel In step 5 – we installed a theme inside the wordpress And finally In step 6 – we customize our theme a bit add pages and post to our site.

So, there we have it, This is how you make professional websites in less than 30 minutes This is my personal blog, So if you guys are interested in personal life update Feel free to follow this blog. Also, if you are making any website and need any help Feel free to email me or ask in the comment section below. The consultation is free, Though make sure, you ask good questions.

And if want me to make a website for you You can hire me. So, that’s it for now, If you like to see more high quality video like these in future Subscribe to this channel And like always thanks for watching. .

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