How to add a favicon, sub-title and logo in WordPress from Admin panel

Hello and welcome to another new episode of Learning Simplified. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to customize our site’s tagline and making other necessary changes, such as inserting a particular logo into our website. So we are going to change this site’s tagline and we are going to insert a logo and another thing, we are going to change our favicon, that means the browser icon that we can see currently over here. So these are the things those are to be discussed in this tutorial; so stay tuned. Now in doing so the very first thing that we are going to do, we can see that here is the ‘Customize your site’ option-the big blue button here. If we click here We will see that we can enter into into this panel from where we can change our site identity and the same thing can be achieved from this segment where this is the appearance part; from where we can see that this is the ‘customize’ option; and if we click here, we can see that we can enter into the same panel where we had entered in the previous condition.

Now, this is the site identity; we will be clicking here and we can see that this is the logo part. If we click here in the ‘Select Logo’ option, this is the dialogue box that has been opened so far; now we haven’t uploaded any kind of media file into our project so far. That is why There’s nothing here into this media library. The very first thing this is the ‘Upload Files’, and this is the ‘Select Files’ button. So if we click here; and we will be getting back to desktop, from where these are the images that we are about to upload into our website. Into our WordPress website actually; so this is the brand icon. Now all we going to do, we are going to open this one and you can see that this is the image that has been uploaded into our site. Now you may ask, where the image has been uploaded. So that is why if we get back to www directory and here from this learn-simple wp-contents –> Uploads –> 2018 –> this is the part where this image will be uploaded.

We haven’t uploaded yet; so that is why it is now showing empty. So now if we get back and select; first of all we need to select this image here and another thing you can add some caption here. You can provide an alt text and you can provide some description; this will be definitely helping you in your search engine indexing.

Now if we just select here; this is the ‘Crop Image’ option that is present here. So if we crop this image, We can see that the site logo is now inserted, it has been appeared over here. If we just get back to our project and reload we won’t be seeing any visible changes. ‘Cause we haven’t published this image at all; so that is why need to publish it in the very first case; but not now, first of all let’s change this site title, ‘just another wordpress site’.

So we are going to change this tagline here. ‘just another wordpress site’ to ‘Let’s learn wordpress’. and you can see that it is now reflecting the changes here. This is the change that we have made into the tagline; and in the final case, all we need to do we need to change this favicon here. and you can see that here’s practically the required image dimension is that is required over here it is — it is stating that it would be requiring a 512 X 512px and you can make your image into this dimension or you can make it more but do not keep it smaller than this defined dimension over here. else that won’t reflected anywhere. Now if we just select an image and if we select this brand icon again, select; Here’s the cropping option; crop image and and we can see that this is the change that is being reflected presently. So if we now publish; it is now stating that it is published. So let’s get back to our project and watch here that in case of this favicon image here, it is now executing a local host server image; but if we now reload, we will see that it is now changed into the image that we have uploaded recently.

Here goes the logo that we have changed here and here goes the site’s tagline which states that ‘Let’s Learn WordPress’. Now these are the things that we need to do over here; In the next case we need to change the header image. But before that we will be getting back to this www directory I am sorry, it will be uploaded into this 06 folder, instead of this 05 folder it will be uploaded into the 06 folder and you can see that this brand-icon image that we have uploaded so far is now present into our ‘wp-content’ folder…..


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