Dressmaker WordPress Theme for Tailors

What’s happening? Are You Wearing the Right Suit? Tips for Wearing Bold Colors. How to Choose a Tie? If you are fascinated by all these then this is your spot. Today we gonna talk about DRESSMAKER- A TAILOR WORDPRESS THEME for tailors, dress designers & garment based businesses. The theme is crafted and designed especially for garment tailors, dress designers, clothing retailers and other apparel businesses. Apart from the basics of any professional WordPress theme, Dressmaker theme accomplished in the online branding, search engine optimization options, ongoing growth, and continued development of your clothing business. With this theme you’ll have a great online presence to build your tailoring website. Through an easy and magnetic navigation bar, you can display each pages of your business. Show anything like suits, tuxedo, trousers, waistcoats, shirts, topcoats, sports jackets, leather jackets, etc.

In men section and similarly suits, blouses, pants, overcoat, etc in women section. Besides the number of products, other amazing things you can do with your tailoring website is to create the type of products on home page featured area. Add your business logo and contact no. right on top so as anyone can recognize your brand and call you up to avail customer services. Business punchlines is great platform to convey your thoughts in a loaded manner.

Also with various page layout options, you can create various pages for your products and services. Create the different sections for men and women clothing and both sections have different products. It is the very easy task to include your products and services on individual pages. There might be many things like tailoring machines, stitching equipments and the delivery criteria; all elements of your garment tailoring business can be presented in various ways in the blog section. Even you shouldn’t care about testimonial pages. The theme has already a featured area for your client’s opinion. Business taglines with a call to action button to give your customers a real-time experience. A fully customizable widgetized footer with social icons. You have 12 different color skins to makeover your website. So if you are made to measure then this theme is made for you. Take your measurement via this theme to have a tailor-made website for your business.

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