Add a Category in a WordPress Menu

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton, here in San Antonio, Texas at WebTegrity and today is going to be a wonderfully quick video for those of you just beginning in WordPress or for those of you that are coming up against a brick wall when you’re trying to figure out, how do I add a category into a menu item? So that people can just click and go directly to one specific topic in my blog area. This is how you do it. It’s pretty straight forward and simple. I’m running on the theme Olsen, it’s a free theme.

I’m going to jump into my dashboard and go to my appearance menus area. Once I’m here, you want to be sure to select the correct menu that you’re trying to apply things to. For me, I’m trying to put it up here in this main navigation area. This is your main menu typically. It’s listed as that. You’ll come in here and be sure you’re working on that correct menu, that you want to add in the category.

You want to find an area over here, not pages; but, you want to look for categories. Of course, if you’ve made a category, it should be available inside of this list. If by chance you don’t see this option sitting here. Up here in the top right hand corner is something called screen options. If you open up that little drawer you should be able to include categories and tags and anything else that you might want to have accessible here. So you can pull and put it in your menu.

I’m gonna be sure that categories is there. Zip that drawer back up and now this becomes available. Now I can choose “Press Releases” and maybe “SEO tips”. Add them to my menu and have them listed here. See the difference, though? These are pages and these are set to categories. Click “Save Menu” now Click “Refresh” and now they live here. When I click “Press Releases” it takes me directly to a category that lists out all my different press releases inside of my blog area. How cool is that? If I wanted to have them as drop downs underneath here, I could just bring them up and drag them underneath my blog page there.

Click “Save Menu” and now I’ve got them underneath my blog area as a drop down, specifically to “categories” inside of my blog. Kind of cool, right? Pretty straight forward and simple. I’ll tell you what, I have another video if you’d like to make an entire menu just of categories. I’ve already created that. It lives over here. It’s been online for about a year now. I’ll put the link to that in the description box below.

You can find that resource, as well. I hope you’re having a great WordPress Wednesday. You’re gonna find a whole library of over 200 videos just for WordPress, here on our channel. Check it out. I’ll see you next WordPress Wednesday. Bye, y’all. .

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