🤔 Why Can’t I See Plugins in my WordPress Dashboard

– Hey everyone welcome to the WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton. And in this very short video I am going to show you why more than likely what you’re Googling for or searching for is: why can’t I see the Plugins area in my Dashboard on my WordPress website? So I’ve got three possible solutions for why you can’t see that area alright.

So let’s look and see why you can’t see that area. You know what, before we do though. Would you please go ahead right down here in this corner there’s a Play icon. Will you click Subscribe because every single Wednesday I’m doing a video like this that’s going to help you with your WordPress website. And if you have specific questions you’re more than welcome to leave them in the description box below or send us a Tweet.

Right here just below you’re going to see @WebTegrity that’s where you can send us a Tweet and get some WordPress questions answered, alright? We just love helping out the WordPress community. We’re a couple of developers here. Me and my team down here in San Antonio, Texas we do all this nerd stuff. So alright, if you’re logged in your WordPress site. And you cannot see the Plugins tab, like this.

So when you click Install Plugins, you can’t see anything like this. If that’s going on right now, I have three possible solutions for you alright? Solution number one. Your role might not be set to Administrator. So whoever added you as a user to your account. You need to be sure that whenever you go to Users.

And you go to Your Profile. I’m not going to click on there because you get to see all my credentials. But, once you click on that you should be able to see your name, your email address and your role right next to it all in a little row there. You should be able to see what role your set to. You should be Administrator.

If that is not set to Administrator, that’s problem number one. Another problem could be, very potentially, that if you had your website built by any sort of web-development firm. They might have locked down the ability for you to see plugins. As well as the Appearance and change your theme. Just because, security purposes, we don’t want any additional code added.

Or perhaps their trying to lock things down and not give you an area to potentially break your website. But, you can connect with that development company and say: hey have you guys by chance hidden that area could I get another plugin installed? Alright, third and final option. And this is probably the most common option of why you can’t see that.

More than likely you are sitting on a WordPress install from the .com version. So what the .com version is, there are two different versions of WordPress out there. There is .org, which is this website here. And there is .com. It is the exact same product, really truly is. However, whenever you click here on the WordPress .com version.

And you have a hosting with these guys for free. Or even sometimes when you do an upgrade paid version. They kinda limit what sort of plugins you’re allowed to throw into your website. So they actually remove that area. You’re not able to just add a whole lot of customization. So it’s one serious, serious bummer with using the .com version.

If you wanted to still have the same powerful punch of WordPress and have your blog or your WordPress website. Have the ability to have plugins or change your theme easily or perhaps purchase a premium theme and install it. You’re going to want to use the .org version.

However, using the .org version requires that you go out and purchase hosting from a hosting company. And that’s the added expense. But, of course, you get unlimited options on adding in free plugins, themes and you can even do premium plugins and premium themes. So I hope this video has helped ya’ll kinda come to the conclusion of why the heck you can’t see the Plugins area. If you have any other questions like I said earlier be sure to throw them in the description box below.

My name is Kori Ashton and I love doing WordPress Wednesdays. I’ll see you next Wednesday. Bye bye ya’ll. .

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